Mrs. Tanya Patxot

KBN Studio Administration


Tanya Patxot has had a heart for entrepreneurship since she can recall. That passion brought her to where she is today as a leader in the marketplace and church. With extensive experience in many areas of business and education for over 15 years, Tanya continually pursues her greatest passion which is to activate and train others to operate in their sphere of influence.

Graduating with dual degrees in Human Resource Management and Business Management and now pursuing her Doctorate, Tanya has become well equipped to not only building and managing a successful online business.  Where she assists and leads individuals with the years of experience (starting in high school) in the arts, photography, and video in creating an effective online presence and simple customized marketing blueprint. 

Being in the industry of arts and entertainment and owning a photography business for seven years she brings her creativity to administrate and bring productions to life.

Tanya has served within the church and as a recognized leader in her community for over 12 years and has no plan on stopping.  With a passion for God and Kingdom principles, she has devoted her life to ensuring those principles be heard and activated within individuals.

As an avid reader and writer, she enjoys authoring books that will reveal the truth and process of the life of a Kingdom entrepreneur, wife and parent.  She resides in New Castle, PA with her husband David and three children. Where she also serves on the committee of The International Coalition of Marketplace Leaders. Tanya embraces the journey, alongside her husband, leadership, and spiritual parents, of using all of her gifting for the success of others and their growth in walking out Kingdom principles within their lives and area of influence.