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Dr. Jill Kauffman

Co-Founder of KBN Studio

Dr. Jill Kauffman is the co-founder and senior pastor of Jubilee Ministries International located in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She is an anointed prophetic teacher and has a unique ability to communicate the message of the Kingdom of God. For over 20 years she has worked alongside her husband Dr. Mark Kauffman, serving the destiny of many individuals and families within their community.

As a passionate worship leader, the Lord uses her to release the fire of the Holy Spirit to create atmospheres for the Glory of God to dwell. Her passion is to release individual giftings and anointings within many singers and musicians and her heart is to see the body of Christ passionately pursue an intimate relationship with Him through worship and the Word of God.

Dr. Jill is an ordained minister through Kingdom Embassies Alliance of Churches and received her doctorate of Divinity in 2012 through Tabernacle Bible College. She works with her husband as he oversees the Kingdom Regency Alliance, which includes churches, businesses and five-fold ministers from around the world.

Dr. Jill is the co-owner of Butz Flowers, Gifts and In-Home Décor, the second oldest florist in the United States and ranked in the top 100 of 30,000 florists nationwide. She is a partner in Global Investments and Global Impact Mega Corp. which was established as a community financial institution to develop entrepreneurs in the local church, as well as to train and empower young entrepreneurs to start businesses that will impact their community. She is a co-owner of Destiny Developers, LLC which is dedicated to real estate and community development and is a co-founder of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania.

Most recently, Dr. Jill has expanded her creative abilities to the area of dress and accessories design with her newly formed company, Kingdom Couture, LLC.

Dr. Jill has been married to Dr. Mark Kauffman for 29 years and has 3 sons - Anthony, Ryan and Christian Mark. She also has a beautiful daughter-in-law Cassandra, 2 precious granddaughters - Alexandra Irene and Mia Grace, and a grandson Michael Anthony.