Our Mission

Our current culture is shaped primarily by media, arts and entertainment. 70% of what people believe is what they assimulate in the media. It is through these 3 societal arenas that values and virtues are celebrated or distorted. The passion and pursuit of KBN Studios is to recover these values and virtues by giving them expression through movies, Christian television networks, and children’s films. Our goal is to equip and raise up a new generation of leaders by creating an honest media team and a wholesome entertainment group that will make a positive change impacting the culture and morals within our society. 

Health education programs also play an important role at KBN. We will be able to provide access to relevant health information worldwide by promoting healthy living through professional wellness programming including exercise, proper nutrition, disease prevention and alternative health options. Our network is committed to helping people embrace natural ways to sustain their health and overall well-being. 

KBN Studios is a tipping point to impact culture through media, arts and entertainment. The highest grossing independent film in 2008 was the Christian movie Fireproof. This one movie was a tipping point that went viral, impacting millions of people and opening wide the door for Christian movies to penetrate our present culture. Through our production crew, experienced staff and network relationships, we can make this impressive march forward to influence families and individuals worldwide with quality entertainment programs that will successfully empower this generation to understand their God-given purpose and destiny. The lion’s shares of monies received from KBN studio will be distributed toward noble causes and charitable groups throughout the world. 


Our Staff


Dr. Mark Kauffman

 CEO of Kingdom Broadcasting Network 


Dr. Jill Kauffman

Co-Founder of KBN Studio


Dr. Ed Turose

KBN Studio Manager


Mr. Jaron Burnworth

Head  of KBN Studio Production


Mrs. Cindy Turose

KBN Studio Administrator