Mr. Jaron Burnworth

Head of KBN Studio Production

Having earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Grove City College with an emphasis in computers, Jaron Burnworth is one who enjoys the details.  His career choice in software and electrical engineering has given him the experience of being detailed and thorough with a discernment to ensure quality decision-making and a pursuit of optimal workflow. 

Starting as a camera operator in 2009, his interest steadily grew for editing and stepping further into production where in 2015 he found himself initiating and facilitating much of the progress within the Kingdom Broadcasting Network Production team. By keeping eyes and ears attentive, he has been able to produce excellent results for clients. Becoming well versed in equipment integration, usage and training, camera set up, audio engineering, video recording, and video editing, Jaron is able to professionally and knowledgeably guide his team into producing consistent results. 

Married with three beautiful children and very active within his church, Jaron always finds time to be a student, constantly growing and taking the studio higher in production and excellence of the end result. Anyone who has worked with him can attest to his joyful personality and desire to educate and learn what the client wants so he can deliver.