Mrs. Cindy Turose

KBN Studio Administration


 Through the anointing of faith, intercession, prayer and healing, Cindy has a gifting that ministers to ones in need of a breakthrough. Through personal study of great people of faith and intercession, she has an anointing to perceive and discern the leading of the Spirit. Her personal victories of applying the Word of God to bring healing to her family members has brought forth proven results - the Word works every time.

Her ministry is focused on being led by the Spirit to take you to the next level by using the Word as a strategic weapon to pull down the strongholds of the enemy and get answers to your prayers. For over 30 years, Cindy Turose have been in leadership positions in developing and training leaders to build the Kingdom of God.

Cindy Turose has a B.S.B.A degree in Accounting from Geneva College and has worked for multiple organizations, churches and businesses. She is an Elder and leads intercession at her local church. She is the CFO of Focus Life Institute LLC that provides development tools in career and workplace preparation